What Matters Most

My mother lost her two-year battle against breast and bone cancer over 10 years ago.  She was in the hospital on her birthday, so I bought her a cute stuffed bunny since it was close to Easter and a small wall plaque that read:

“All night, all day, may heavenly angels watch over you and keep you in all that you do.”

Four days later, I had to take back those presents as well as any other present I had ever given her.  But the give I could never take back, the one irreplaceable gift is TIME.  Once it’s gone, it’s gone.  You can’t get it back; you can’t return it.  Which makes it PRICELESS.

I moved closer to my mother two years before her death, not knowing she would be diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer shortly thereafter.  For two years, we spent every holiday and major life event together.  Between me and my sister, we accompanied her to her doctor’s appointments and consulted on her care.  It was without question the hardest time of my life, but I wouldn’t trade it for a thing.  I spent more time with my mother in those two years than any other time in my adult life, and I documented much of those experiences in scrapbooks.  Even in her illness, she was still so beautiful.  My mother passed away five years before my son was born.  Although she did not get the chance to meet him, he WILL know her through photos and journaled memories.    

I had the privilege of holding my mother’s hand as she took her last breath.  Her final words were “God is Sovereign.”  As I have reflected upon those words over the years since her passing, I’ve envisioned what MY last words in this life will be.  Knowing that my final words will be reflective of my final thoughts, I’ve asked myself some important questions:

  • Would I want my current thoughts to be my final thoughts in this life?  WORRY; STRESS; ANGER; FRUSTRATION; IRRITATION; DISSATISFACTION; IMPATIENCE; REGRET?

That’s an easy, NO WAY!

  • What would I rather be thinking about?  LOVE; SATISFACTION; THANKFULLNESS; HAPPINESS; PEACE?

Absolutely, YES!  So, how do I realign my life such that in my final moments, I’m thinking about those things that matter most?

I don’t have all the answers, but I find comfort in knowing my mother’s final thoughts were focused on her source of comfort and strength.  She taught me many lessons that guide me as a mother, and most importantly that by living a life in alignment with those things that matter most and being led by a higher power, I WILL find my own peace in living a life WELL DONE.